Westinghouse iGen4500 -4500W Portable Generator | Free Shipping to Puerto Rico


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Westinghouse iGen4500 - 4500W Portable Generator | Free Shipping to Puerto Rico

The Westinghouse iGen4500 generator is an ideal choice if you need a gas-powered, portable power solution that offers the advantages of inverter technology. Westinghouse is a trusted brand that consistently delivers top-of-the-line products, and this reliable Westinghouse inverter generator is no different.

Made for Multiple Applications

The iGen4500 gasoline-powered, portable inverter generator is dependable, powerful, and easy to use. It offers a wide range of innovative high-end features for a competitive price. This Westinghouse inverter generator is suitable for a wide range of applications, including emergency backup, worksites, camping, and tailgating. This lightweight generator’s flat, free wheels and extendable handle make transporting the unit easier than moving comparable generators.

The unit’s plug-and-play design makes using it simple and intuitive. The iGen4500 comes loaded with integrated USB outlets, two 120V household power outlets, and an onboard TT-30R RV-ready power outlet so you can always have the power you need to keep your electronic devices running safely. This Westinghouse inverter generator includes a 3-year warranty and lifetime technical support.


Compact, Powerful Design

  • The iGen4500 is much lighter than similar traditional generators and includes wheels for simple transportation.

Advanced Inverter Technology

  • Safely power sensitive electronics such as laptops, mobile phones, and more (3800 rated watts and 4500 peak watts at less than 3% THD).

Fuel Efficient

  • This generator boasts 30% to 50% improved fuel efficiency compared to similar traditional generators (runs up to 18 hours on 3.4 gallons of fuel).

Quiet Operation

  • The iGen4500 features a double-insulated acoustic enclosure, asymmetrical cooling fans, and low-tone mufflers to keep operating noise minimal, running at a volume that is ideal for camping, tailgating, and other applications where you don’t want to disturb neighbors.

Remote Start

  • Features remote start that is operated by key fob, so you can easily start this unit from inside your home or RV. This Westinghouse inverter generator also features a push-button start on its control panel for added convenience.

RV and Camper Ready

  • Offers a perfect power solution for dual-air conditioner campers and RVs, featuring 3,700 running watts, an RV and camper-ready 120V 30A (TT-30R) outlet, push-button electric start, an LED Data Center, and a telescoping handle with rear wheels to make moving it a breeze. The iGen4500 is extremely fuel-efficient and quiet.

LED Data Center

  • The onboard LED data center cycles through Remaining Run Time, Power Output, Fuel Level, and Voltage. Other indicators include Fuel Level, Electric Output, Output Ready Indicator, Overload Indicator, and Low Oil Indicator.

120V Duplex, and TT-30R RV Receptacles

  • The unit features one 5-20R 120V Household Duplex Receptacle and one TT-30R RV Receptacle

Mounted Wheels and Telescoping Handle

  • The iGen4500 offers excellent mobility due to it’s wheels and telescoping handle, giving you more power without the extra weight.

Dual USB Charging Ports

  • Charge electronics such as mobile phones with the built-in safe USB charging ports.

Circuit protected, Low-Oil Shutoff, and More

  • This Westinghouse inverter generator comes with safety features, including overload prevention and low-oil shutoff to preserve the longevity of the engine.

Everything You Need is in the Box

  • This unit includes oil, funnel, tool kit, manual, and a quick start guide.

3-Year Limited Warranty

  • All Westinghouse portable generators include a 3-year limited residential warranty and lifetime technical support.


The following are examples of common applications that the iGen4500 inverter generator can handle. Not all of these applications can be powered simultaneously with this Westinghouse inverter generator.

  • Campers and RVs
  • Freezers and Refrigerators (Energy Star)
  • Microwaves
  • Portable A/C Units
  • Furnace Fan, Gas or Fuel Oil
  • Sump Pump
  • Power Tools
  • Slow Cookers (Crock Pots)
  • TV / DVD Players
  • Cell Phones
  • Computers / Laptops
  • Incandescent Lights
  • Fans
  • Coffee Makers
  • Radios / Stereos
  • Fans
  • Coffee Makers
  • Hair Dryers
  • Garage Door Openers


  • The iGen4500 delivers 4,500 peak watts, 3,700 running watts
  • 120V 30A Outlet (TT-30R) for RVs and campers
  • Fuel efficient – 15.7 hrs on 3.4 gal of gas at 25 percent load
  • Remote start
  • Mounted wheels and telescoping handle
  • Much quieter than conventional generators
  • Inverter technology is safe for sensitive electronics
  • EPA and CARB compliant

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