Sports Afield SA5520LZ | Tactical LZ Series 6-Gun Elock Gun Safe

Sports Afield


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Sports Afield SA5520LZ | Tactical LZ Series Black Matte Fire/Waterpoof Gun Safe (Gun Capacity 6+2)


Sports Afield Tac LZ Series SA5520LZ gun safe allows you to secure up to 6 long guns and 2 handguns, ammunition, and valuables.  The configurable interior features plastic hanging totes and  elastomer coated wire gun rests that accommodate even the shortest firearms. The molle door organizer maximizes storage and accepts all molle style accessories.  Our exclusive Zero-Sag, steel reinforced top shelf adds to the safe’s flexibility, allowing even heavier items to be stored at eye level.  The electronic lock with Easy Touch keypad is programmable, allowing for ease of access.  Our proprietary Triple Seal technology protects from smoke, fire and water.  Backed by a lifetime, no hassle warranty.
  • Fully programmable electric lock with two backup access keys
  • Fire protection for 40 minutes up to 1,200° Fahrenheit 
  • Our proprietary Triple Seal protects your contents for a full 7 days in up to 2 ft of water
  • Heavy gauge steel walls with pry resistant recessed doors that swing 180 degrees for full access to safe interior
  • Fully wrapped and adjustable Zero-Sag steel reinforced top shelf 
  • Full Seam Uni Weld Construction ensures this safe will last a lifetime
    1. The Theft Alert System is an audible alarm that instantly sounds at the moment the safe has been tampered with
    2. UL approved power outlet
    3. California DOJ Approved
  • Molle Style door organizer to maximize storage space, including door mounted long gun slots to allow for quick access to your most trusted rifle
  • Five 1.5 inch steel locking bolts 
  • Accommodates up to 6 long guns and 2 handguns to keep your collection safe and secure
  • Fully carpeted interior, sidewalls, shelves and barrel rests not only provide a uniform appearance but help protect against scratches
  • Includes 4 pre-cut anchor holes with bolt down kit and waterproof washers


  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Barrel Rests
  • Interior Protective Liner


Interior Features:

  • Carpeted interior and sidewalls
  • Molle Door Organizer maximizes storage space and offers quick access to commonly used items
  • Single UL approved power-outlet
  • Gun Capacity:  6 + 2
  • Movable elastomer coated wire gun rests and plastic hanging accessory totes give endless configuration options
  • 4 pre-cut anchor holes



Lifetime Hassle-Free Warranty