Makita EB7650TH | Backpack Leaf Blower



Makita EB7650TH | 75.6cc MM4 - 4-Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower


Makita’s 75.6cc MM4 Backpack Blower (EB7650TH) combines a cleaner-burning 4-Stroke engine with quieter operation and the convenience of no fuel mixing. The cleaner-burning, fuel-efficient EB7650TH is a true step-up from older 2-stroke motors. It’s engineered for commercial lawn and garden work and is ideal for any professional seeking a best-in-class backpack blower. The EB7650TH is powered by a 75.6cc commercial-duty 4-Stroke engine that requires no fuel mix and will deliver commercial-duty performance with a maximum air-speed of 200 MPH and a maximum air volume of 670 cu. ft. per minute. The mechanical automatic engine decompression is engineered for quick and easy-starts, with heavy duty anti-vibration mounts between the frame and engine for improved operator comfort. The EB7650TH is compact with less-weight only 24.1 lbs. with wide padded straps and padded back panel for operator comfort. In addition, the large capacity muffler ensures quiet operation at 76 dB(A).

Makita 75.6 cc MM4® 4-Cycle Commercial-Duty Engine
Quieter operation of 76 dBA with large capacity muffler
Convenience of no fuel mixing for cleaner-burning, fuel-efficient engine
Mechanical automatic engine decompression for quick and easy starts
Large capacity air filter is replaceable and easily accessible

Power Through Tough Jobs Quickly
Maximum air speed of 200 miles per hour
Maximum air volume of 670 cubic feet per minute

Extremely Comfortable & Lightweight
Padded shoulder straps retain their shape for easier re-shouldering
Padded back panel is ventilated for improved operator comfort
Compact with less weight - only 24.1 lbs.

Heavy Duty Anti-Vibration Mounts
Mounts between frame and engine improve overall comfort

Tube Mounted Trigger
Large grip positioned at optimum center of gravity for easier transport
Tool-less handle adjustment for quick positioning of handle

Adjustable Tube
Easily adjusts to desired length
Includes : 60 mm nozzle, 70 mm nozzle, flat nozzle