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Kodiak By Inergy


Kodiak By Inergy 1100 Watt (1.1kWh) Power Bank Solar Generator - Lithium Ion Emergency & Camping Electric Battery Portable Power Source



The Kodiak by Inergy Solar is the most powerful solar generator in our lineup, yet still only weighs 20 lbs. Capable of satisfying the demanding needs of camp trailers and home appliances for days at a time, this generator is as versatile as it is powerful. For the ultimate in emergency power or camping luxury without the hassles of traditional fuel powered generators, the Kodiak is second to none.

The lightest weight solar generator in it’s class. the Kodiak is the pinnacle of portable solar generator technology: weighing less than half of the best offering from competitors. It is a durable, versatile workhorse and is able to be charged via solar panels, wall charger, car charger and more. The Kodiak is indispensable for anyone valuing preparedness and maximum power per weight for all situations.

Inergy's solar power Kodiak Generator can support the needs of camp trailers and home appliances. You can store electricity in the built in lithium batteries and charge using a standard outlet, car charger, or solar. Once full you can charge anything from a cell phone to a refrigerator. Perfect for luxurious camping or at home emergencies.

  • Emergency backup power for household appliances, lights, communications and electronic devices.
  • Portable off-grid power source is lightweight and easy to transport. Carry it on foot or in your car during an emergency or natural disaster
  • Our Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator weighs only 20 pounds – it's light enough to take wherever you want to go. Take it with you hunting and camping. Make any outdoor activity safer and more enjoyable.
  • Whether you need to power a fridge, laptop computer, or lights during an emergency or power outage – or if you want to watch TV in the woods – the Kodiak Solar Generator will give you the power you need, safely, reliably & silently.
  • Without noise, gas or harmful emissions, the generator provides power on demand that is quiet and safe enough to use inside your home, your car or even your tent.
  • The battery stores power in a state of the art Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery Pack. With a rating of 2,000 charging cycles, you can count on the Kodiak Solar Generator to provide power when you need it most.
  • The Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator can be charged from a regular AC wall outlet (using the included AC wall adapter), or it can capture and store energy from solar panels, a car charger, or any external 12V Lead Acid or AGM deep cycle battery.
  • Whether capturing power or using power, your FTB Solar Generator couldn't be easier to use: just plug it in and switch it on!
  • The battery pack can sit for up to six months without needing to be charged, although we recommend charging once every three months. Store your generator in your closet and always be ready to power your appliances when you need them most.
  • Solar panels and car adapters for charging are available as separate items.


Inergy Kodiak Generator powers the following:

  • Smartphones: 100 plus hours
  • Tablets: 40 plus hours
  • Laptops: 20 plus hours
  • 18 cu ft. refrigerator, 20% duty: 33 hours
  • 9 cu ft. chest freezer, 15% duty: 50 hours
  • 1/3 HP Sump Pump: 2.5 hours
  • Basecamp LED Light: 166 hours