Husqvarna 961930101 | ST230P - 30" Two Stage Snow Blower


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SKU: 961930101

Husqvarna 961930101 |  ST230P - 30 Inch 291cc Two Stage Electric Start with Power Steering Snow Thrower


The Husqvarna ST230P two stage snow thrower works great for snow accumulations of 2-12 Inch. Features include a 291cc Husqvarna engine, electric start, power steering, LED headlight, 30-inch clearing path, 180 degree remote chute rotation with remote deflector, heated grip handles, 12-inch improved performance ribbon augers, friction disc transmission, aluminum gearbox, 16-inch tires and 3.6 liter fuel tank. 

291cc Husqvarna Branded LCT 4-Cycle Engine
Electric start - just press a button and off you go!
Effortless starting even in the coldest weather
5-year engine warranty

Friction-Disc Drive Transmission
Easily adjustable through all six speeds and one reverse
Redesigned rubber on friction wheel improves traction

Trigger Mounted Power Steering
Easily maneuver in turns with little effort

All New Slim Line Control Panel W/ Adjustable Handles
Easy to use levers allows for better control
Loop handle design provides grip variations for end user
4 different positions all users of all sizes to use comfortably

Heated Hand Grips
Allows fingers and hands to be toasty warm during operation

Remote Chute & Deflector Control
Easily change chutes direction side to side & up and down

Robust Auger Housing W/ Ribbon Auger
Provides strength and durability for long life
Ribbon auger makes snow easier to handle