Humless GO MINI .64 Portable Generator



Humless GO MINI 1500 Series .64 KWH Portable Generator  


The Go Mini is the lightest and most portable power system weighing only 35 pounds with 0.64 kW (640 Watts) of energy storage. It’s built with an easy carry strap that’s fixed to the durable metal shell. This system is designed for light to medium energy users. Setup is as simple as plugging in your phone. It’s the perfect size for home, work and travel use.


  • ECO-FRIENDLY ENERGY STORAGE - Renewable energy is the way of the future. No gas, no emissions and no loud noise; Humless systems create a clean way to charge, store and use energy


  • ADVANCED LITHIUM TECHNOLOGY - Humless uses the most reliable lithium technology for portable and home battery systems. Our specific battery composition has been used since the 1970's in electric cars and busses


  • EASY & SAFE TO USE - Charging your Humless is simple and intuitive. Plug it in to any normal household outlet or use your foldable Humless solar panels. The easy plug and play solar panels can charge your battery and power your electronics at the same time. Create your own clean, renewable energy anywhere


  • BUILT TO LAST - Durability and reliability are our top priority when designing our power systems. We build the Humless product line with a durable metal shell that protects the inner components. We also design and build our own circuit boards, battery management systems and inverters. This is how we can guarantee quality parts at a fair price



    -3 ways to charge your Humless GO Mini 1500 Series .64 kWh Lightweight Solar Generator:

    The Sun
    The Humless GO Mini 1500 Series .64 kWh Lightweight Solar Generator can be charged by connecting a compatible solar panel. This kit includes two foldable 130 Watt Solar Panels for a combined power of 260 watts! Recharge the Humless .64 kWh Generator in 3-7 hours using the power of the sun! 

    The Humless GO Mini 1500 Series .64 kWh Lightweight Solar Generator can be recharged from a regular wall outlet in about 2-3 hours. 

    Although not the most ideal recharge time, the Humless GO Mini 1500 Series .64 kWh Lightweight Solar Generator can also be charged by plugging into your car 12V adapter. Car Adapter sold separately. 




    Primary use
    Commercial lights & appliances; Consumer home/domestic: lights & appliances (fridges, washing machines, computers, furnace blowers)