Greenworks 26022 | 16" Electric Snow Blower


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GreenWorks 26022 | (16") 9-Amp Electric Snow Blower


Put some green back into Winter with this 9 Amp Electric Snow Blower by Greenworks. This convenient electric unit clears snow up to 6 in. deep with a 16 in. wide path. The powerful discharge system shoots unwanted snow 25 ft. away from your clearing area for a thorough result in one pass. And since it’s electric, you don’t have to worry about hard starting or messy gas and oils. So Go Green for an easier winter with the Greenworks Electric Snow Blower.

9 Amp Electric Motor
Up to 2600 RPM blade speed
Throws snow up to 25 feet

16" Clearing Path
Handles light snow up to 6" deep
14-inch impeller size

Cord Lock
Holds extension cord securely in place - prevents disconnects

6-Inch Wheels

Industry leading 4-year warranty!