Generac 7126 | 2” Chemical Water Pump


SKU: 7126


Generac 7126 | 2-Inch Chemical Water Pump 


Generac’s C20 chemical pump features a sturdy design, simplified priming, fiberglass-reinforced components and carbon ceramic seals to support a variety of chemical pumping needs in almost any environment.

Durable design Reinforced fiberglass pump ideal for clean water, chemical, herbicide, pesticide and fertilizer transfer


  • Generac 223cc engine with splash lubrication provides a long engine life
  • Onboard instructions with icons on key touch points makes this pump easy to use
  • Easy Prime™ funnel design for quick and easy priming
  • Color-coded suction and discharge ports to ensure correct hose connections
  • High performance pump easily pumps up to 164 gallons per minute