Generac 7102 | 9-22kW Air Cooled Oil Heater Kit


SKU: 7102


Generac 7102 | Cold Weather Oil Heater Kit 9-22 kW Air Cooled Generators



Generac oil warmer kit helps maintain crankcase oil temperature for easy starting on air cooled standby generators manufactured in 2008 or later. Oil warmer kit slips directly over oil filter. If replacing old cold weather kit components, remove the old component before installing the new.

  • Maintains crankcase oil temperature for easy starting
  • Automatically starts when temp falls below acceptable level
  • For use with 9kW - 22kW air cooled standby generators (2008 or later)
  • Oil warmer slips directly over the oil filter
  • Oil must be changed to 5w-30 synthetic oil when kit is installed
  • Can be used in conjunction with Generac Battery heater pad (model 7101)
  • Recommended In Regions Where Temp Falls Below 32 Degrees
  • For Use w/ Generac Air-Cooled Standby Models Built 2008 and Later


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