Generac WDSRMGMNTDVAOF3 | 22-Ton Gas Log Splitter



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Generac WDSRMGMNTDVAOF3 | 22-Ton Kinetic Flywheel Gas Powered Log Splitter (CARB Compliant)



Generac’s K22 kinetic log splitter uses a 99cc OHV engine to split logs up to 18-Inch long and 30-Inch in diameter. The unit’s 2.5 second cycle time, horizontal splitting position and automatic retraction mechanics allow users to split wood six times faster than hydraulic splitters. Efficient, powerful and easy to maintain, the K22 is Generac’s most powerful wood-splitting solution on the market.

  • 99cc OHV Generac engine with low-oil shut down
  • Splits logs 18" long and up to 30" in diameter
  • Auto Retraction
  • 2.5 second cycle time splits wood up to 6x faster than hydraulic
  • Out-splits any conventional 22-Ton splitter
  • Requires little to no maintenance - compared to a complicated array of hydraulic pumps, valves and cylinders that can leak and fail



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