DuroStar DS2000LD | 20" Manual Push Reel Mower



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DuroStar DS2000LD | 20" 5 Blade Height Adjusting Push Reel Mower


DuroStar Lawn Demon Push Reel Lawn Mowers are designed to provide superior cutting without the hassle of gas and oil mowers. They will leave your lawn looking manicured instead of the rough cut that larger gas-mowers provide. By using a push reel mower you eliminate noise, the need to store gas and the large bulky mower, as well as having to plan for unpredictable maintenance from their gas powered counterparts. The Lawn Demon has adjustable cutting heights to suit all users and is as simple as moving the side handle up or down. Cutting the grass is a heat-treated, 5 blade rotary system that comes pre-sharpened and ready to cut. The easily attachable grass catcher holds enough clippings for most small-medium sized yards.


  • 20-Inch cutting path for quick mowing
  • The large cutting width makes mowing effortless
  • 10-Inch heavy duty wheels which can handle all types of terrain
  • Height adjustments can be made with just push of a tab
  • Adjustment positions range from 1-1/2" - 3" in height
  • Freshly cut lawn without the dangerous fumes and emissions of gasoline
  • Peace of mind knowing you're mowing with a zero carbon footprint
  • You'll never disturb your neighbors again with this whisper quiet mower


What's in The Box

  • 20-Inch 5-Blade Height Adjusting Push Reel Mower

  • 20-Inch Dust Catching Bag

  • Owner's Manual


  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed