Duromax HP0410S | 4" Water Pump Suction Hose


SKU: HP0410S

Duromax HP0410S | 4" x 10-Foot PVC High Volume Water Pump Suction Hose

  • Suction Hose Size: 4 in. x 10 ft.
  • This PVC hose is lightweight, rugged, flexible and reinforced for heavy duty service.
  • Assembled with Male and Female Short-Shank Aluminum couplings, securely fastened with band-it clamps.
  • Material retains good flexibility in cold weather, is non-water absorbing, mildew-proof, able to resist oils and grease.
  • Designed for pumping water and other fluids in construction, rental and other applications.


What's in The Box

  • Water Pump 4-Inch x 10-Feet Suction Hose
  • Owner's Manual


  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed


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