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Champion 100263 |  3400 Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator with Electric Start (CARB Compliant)



Availability July 25th

The Champion Power Equipment 100263 3400 Watt Portable Inverter Generator is the perfect combination of versatility and convenience whether you need power for your home, RV or project.

The convenient electric start includes a battery, plus Cold Start Technology ensures a quick start in cold weather. Designed for safety with a low oil shut-off sensor, this inverter has a 0.6-quart oil capacity (10W-30). Operate your Dual-Fuel generator right out of the box on gasoline or propane.

Using gasoline, the 192cc Champion engine produces 3400 starting Watt and 3100 running Watt, and will run for 7.5 hours at 25% load. It produces 3060 starting Watt and 2790 running Watt, and will run for 14.5 hours at 25% load when using a 20-pound propane tank. Included are a 120V 30A RV (TT-30R), two 120V 20A household outlets (5-20R), a 12V DC automotive-style outlet with dual USB adapter, plus a propane hose with a built-in regulator. Operates at 59 dBA from 23 ft. – about the same noise level as normal conversation.

The optional Parallel Kit provides a quick clip-on connection which allows you to increase output by connecting up to two 2800 Watt or higher inverters. Also included is a standard 50-Amp RV outlet with power to start and run two 15,000 BTU RV air conditioners. Champion Support and our nationwide network of service centers will back up your purchase with a 3-year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.


Champion Dual-Fuel RV-Ready Inverter Technology

3-Year Limited Warranty - EPA & CARB/50 State Certified
Provides up to 3100 running watts & up to 3400 starting watts on gasoline
Provides up to 2790 running watts & up to 3060 starting watts on propane

Push-Button Electric Start (Battery Included)
Plus an easy-pull recoil starter, so you'll never be without starting ability

Champion 192cc OHV Engine w/ Low Oil Shut-Off
Provides added protection to extend the life of the generator

Economy Mode - Up to 7.5 Hours of Run Time @ 1/4 Load
Adjusts engine speed to the optimum level depending on load
Reduces fuel use and engine wear for extended operation

TT-30 RV Receptacle
Easily connect your 30A RV cord (Not Included) for your power needs

Quiet - Only 59 dBA at 7M
Fully enclosed durable housing reduces sound output

Parallel Operation Capability
Increase available wattage when linking (2) Champion 2800-3500W Inverters

Lightweight Design w/ Built-In Carrying Handle
Makes this generator easy to move where you need it most

Integrated Wheels & Stow Away Handle
Compact design for easy storage

Includes: LPG Hose w/ Regulator & 12V Dual-Port USB Adapter

Engine Oil NOT Included

3-Year Limited Warranty - EPA & CARB/50 State Certified

About Champion:

Champion Power Equipment is a market leader in power generation equipment. Champion has years of experience providing dependable and durable power products designed and engineered in the US for the North American and world markets. For work, recreation or home use, Champion products are the standard of performance excellence. We make the power that makes your life easier. Champion provides exceptional customer service. A staff member would be more than happy to help with any questions or concerns, give us a call today.

With Electric Start

The Champion Power Equipment 100263 3400 Watt RV Ready Portable Dual Fuel Inverter Generator operates off Gasoline Or Propane straight out of the box and is a quiet and lightweight addition to your RV, your next camping trip, a weekend of tailgating or as source of backup power during an emergency. On gasoline the inverter will produce 3400 starting watts and 3100 running watts, and on propane 3060 starting watts and 2790 running watts. The Safety Fuel Selector Switch ensures safe and easy operation on either fuel. The inverter comes with a battery for easy electric start. The unit comes travel-ready with standard 30A RV outlet with enough power to start and run a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner. It will also power the essential items you need during and emergency or power outage - lights, sump pump, refrigerator, modem/router, furnace blower, fan, TV/DVD, computer, smartphone/tablet charger, etc. Since propane has such long stable shelf life you don't need to worry about having fresh gasoline on hand during an emergency. The inverter produces Clean Power (less than 3% THD) making it suitable for use with sensitive electronics such as computers, flat screen TVs and more.

The 3400 Watt RV Ready Dual Fuel Inverter operates quietly at 59 dBA from 23 ft. and has a run time of up to 7.5 hours on a full tank of gasoline or 14.5 hours on a 20 lb. propane tank at 25% load. Along with Dual Fuel technology the 3400 Watt Inverter contains Inverter Technology. The inverter has a smart Economy Mode that can determine exactly how much power is needed, slowing down the engine when applicable. As electrical load is reduced the engine automatically idles lower allowing for quiet operation, extended engine life, and higher fuel economy. The inverter features a Quick Touch Panel, easily access all controls in one convenient area. It is also Parallel Ready and has the ability to connect with another Champion 2800 Watt or more Inverter for increased power output. The optional Champion Parallel Kit is designed to easily clip-on and connect to two 2800 Watt or more inverters and comes travel-ready with standard 50A RV outlet with enough power to start and run TWO 15,000 BTU RV air conditioners. It also comes fully assembled with carrying and foldaway handle and never-flat tires for easy maneuvering, transportation and storage.

The 3400 Watt RV Ready Dual Fuel Inverter comes with 120V 30A RV (TT-30R) and two 120V 20A household outlets (5-20R) and also includes 12V DC automotive style outlet with dual USB adapter.

The 3400 Watt RV Ready Dual Fuel Inverter is powered by a reliable 192cc Champion single-cylinder OHV engine with a 1.6 gal. fuel tank, 0.6 qt. oil capacity (recommended 10W-30) and automatic low oil shut-off sensor. The generator is 50-state/CARB compliant.

The Champion 3400 Watt RV Ready Portable Dual Fuel Inverter Generator comes with a three year limited warranty. Champion demands excellence from their dedicated technicians and service network ensuring that you will receive world-class service and response wherever and whenever you need it. Give us a call today or visit the official website to view our entire product assortment.'