Chafon CF-UPS018 | 500W Portable Solar Power Inverter Generator



Chafon CF-UPS018 | 500 Watts Portable Generator Outdoor Power Source 

346WH Portable UPS Battery Backup Generator,Rechargeable Power Source Inverter with 110V/500W AC Outlet,12V Car,USB Output,Car Jump Starter for Camping


  • Portable Power Supply: Build-in High Capacity 12V / 31AH / 346WH Lithium-ion Battery,Off-grid power supply for camping CPAP or emergency backup,cameras,lamps,phones,laptops,TVs,mini fridges,scoorter,quadrotor, filming photography lighting,playstation etc.
  • Versatile Outputs: Pure-sine wave inverter,3 three-prong 110V receptacles (for devices up to 500Watt/0.67Hp) ,4 DC 12V ports ,4 USB ports ,1W Led flashlight,Car emergency jump starter,emergency power generator around you!
  • On line UPS: Backup battery ups surge protection for desktop pc,workstations,networking devices and home entertainment systems.Safeguards valuable documents, photos,videos,and music files,playstation from loss or damage due to power outage
  • Rechargeable Battery,No Gasoline Required: Recharge from included wall AC outlet,12V Car cigarette charger cable( included ) and 40W-100W solar panel(sold separately)
  • Safety Guaranteed and Warranty - BMS Provide short circuit,Overcharger Overload protection,environmental protection,energy saving and fire-proof ABS material and our worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.


Chafon 500 Watts Portable Generator Outdoor Power Source

All -in -one 346WH Compact UPS Battery Backup Power Inverter

  • If you like, you can take the power anywhere

It's only 7.4-lbs with an easy-carry handle, take it everywhere you go and whether within the confines of your home or in the great outdoors, we've created a way for you to never run out of power but stay connected. Your life is mobile, so we've put unlimited power in your hands.

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ):

1.Calculate the Working Time for Your Device:

Working time = 346Wh / Your device power,
For example, Your device power is 50 watt. Then the working time= 346wh/50w=6.9 hrs.(theoretical)
2.Suggested Related Solar Panel:
We suggest you can choose 40-100W solar panel which Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp) is 18V,because of higher power,charging faster, charging speed is also relating to sun intensity.
3.How to check if the generator is fully charging?
When the LED "%" up to 100%,you also need check if the LED "AC CHARGE" or "Solar Charge" turned to green,then it indicates fully charged.

4.Why the generator has beeping sound?
It is normal to have beeping sound when the generator is in Low Power or Overload status.
If it is in low power, pls turn off the AC Switch and recharge the generator; if overload, you can stop using your devices.
5.What AC devices this item can supply power?
Please ensure that your AC devices Not exceed 500 running watts,otherwise the generator will automatically switch to DC output for self protection


Indoor Applications

Typical Online UPS Use
This Chafon CF-UPS018 UPS provides battery backup, power protection (using sine wave output), and surge protection for desktop computers, workstations, networking devices, and home entertainment systems.

When power goes out for even a second it can result in data loss and hardware damage which can shorten equipment life expectancy. This battery backup unit provides sufficient emergency runtime power to allow for safe closure of open files and proper shut down of electronics when an outage occurs.


  • Capacity: Lithium Battery 12V 31Ah 346WH
  • 3 NEMA 5-15R Receptacles & Surge Protected Outlets
  • 4 DC Output : Each 12V 2.5A,max 5A
  • 4 USB Output Ports : 5V / 6.2A total
  • AC Output : 110V/500 Watts Continuous, Peak 1000 Watts
  • Zero transfer time  (on-line)
  • AC Input Voltage:100V-120V 50/60Hz
  • AC Output Voltage:110V 60Hz
  • LED Light:1W, Max 3W
  • Overload, Short circuit protection, Fuse: 8A  (Model: 250V, 5x20mm 10A Quick Blow Glass Tube Fuse)
  • Operational Environment: Outdoor temperature: around -14°F- 104°F( -10°C- 45°C)
Warm Tips: 12v DC output will change with the power of generator:
For example:
when the power of generator is over 80%, the DC voltage output is about 12v;
when the power of generator is 50%, the DC voltage output is about 11.1v;
when the power of generator is 25%, the DC voltage output is about 10.5v.
Charge It Anywhere


  • Portable Power Station
  1. 3* 110V AC outlet (for small appliances up to 500W), for mini ovens & microwave,scooter,UAV,drone,filming studio photography monolights,playstation,bass guitar amp ,electric blanket etc,
  2. 4* 12V DC 5.5mm ports ( 120W total)  power for led string light, fairy Light for garden, wedding, Xmas or Holloween party 
  3. 4* 5V USB ports to charge for smartphones, tablets or bluetooth speakers,rc helicopter like a Powerhouse around you!
  • Rechargeable Battery, No Gasoline Required
No matter where your adventures take you, charging up the Chafon power Station is quick and easy.

Three ways of recharging:
1. 110V AC wall plug cable included  (5~6 hours Fully Charged )
2. 12V Car Charger cable included ( 7~8 hours Fully Charged)
3. 40~100 Watt Solar Panel  ( Not included ),Operating Voltage 18V with MC4 connector ( 14~16 hours Fully Charged depending on solar conditions)


Huge Capacity for Outdoor Life

Genuine pure sine wave :
It will have a widely use and more efficiency and provides safety to your device with the same clean energy you'd receive from a house outlet.

Backup Time:
- 1.5 hours (PC+ Display)
- 7+ ( 42Wh RC Helicopter Drone )
- 30 times  ( 30+ recharge,iPhone 8,X)
- 9 hours (Laptop 13")
- 7 hours (50W Fan)
- 5 hours (32" LCD TV)
- 9 hours (40W Energy-saving lamps).

Emergency Car Jump Starter + LED Light:
It's equiped with advanced intelligent jumper cables that jump start your 12V vehicle up to 4.0L gas with 300 amps peak current,you will never be stranded with a dead car battery.

How to restart your car
Hook it up to your battery, Red clamp (+) ,Black clamp (-) and then start your car. It's that simple,you're back on the road in no time.

LED Light:
Built-in Powerful LED flashlight offers a light for camps, cabins and unexpected outages.

Battery Management System (BMS):
BMS undertakes voltage control, temperature control, short circuit prevention and more advanced safety procedures. It conducts active cell balancing to optimize battery performance and extend battery life.

Multifunctional Safety Protection including:

  • Short-circuit protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-power protection
  • Low-voltage protection
  • Over-temperature protection
Package included:
1 x  UPS Backup Battery,
1 x  AC Charging Cable  (1.5m)
1 x  DC Cable (5.5*2.1mm)
1 x  MC4 Connector Cable
1 x  Car Charging Cable ( 0.6m )
1 x  Smart Clamps
1 x  User Manual


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