AIMS Power DC1600V32A2IO | Solar PV DC Quick Disconnect Switch


SKU: DC1600V32A2IO

AIMS Power DC1600V32A2IO | Solar PV DC Disconnect Switch



The AIMS quick disconnect gives your solar system extra safety and flexibility when maintaining your solar system. This product allows you to quickly and conveniently disconnect DC power from solar panels to inverter/batteries. New installations of solar photovoltaic systems have increased the need for disconnect switches and over current protective devices capable of interrupting currents at voltages up to 1000 Vdc. Some US locations require a disconnect switch. PV system arrays generate DC current and need to be disconnected for maintenance or safety. The AIMS quick disconnect switch is also ideal for applications such as cabins or vacation homes that don't require delivery of constant solar power. Simply disconnect your solar array and reconnect when needed.



  • Quickly disconnect DC power from your solar array to the charge controller, batteries and/or inverter

  • Outdoor rated

  • Isolated

  • Double pull double throw 2IO

  • Lock out option

  • 2 separate circuits

  • Max combined amperage - 64 amp (2 separate 32 amp solar circuits or 1 64 amp solar circuit)

  • Output and input connections are MC4 for easy set up and install



  • 2 - 32 amp circuits

  • Up to 1000 volts @ 32 amps

  • 4 pole

  • CE,TUV, SAA, IEC, UL certified & ROHS compliant

  • Outdoor rated

  • UV resistance UL 746C

  • Waterproof

  • Arc time <2ms

  • -40 degrees C to 70 degrees C

  • 10 year warranty

  • Dimensions: 7"H x 7"W x 4.375" D

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