SAILFLO GLG-500W | 288WH Portable Solar Power Inverter Generator


SKU: B077P1G52N

SAILFLO GLG-500W | 26000mah/288WH UPS Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 500W Portable Solar Generator - Solar/AC/Car Charging Cable - 3 AC & 4 DC 12V & 4 USB Ports


  • Portable rechargeable power supply and UPS 2 IN 1, 12V 26Ah 288WH lithium rechargeable UPS Battery Backup Power Supply, Rated 500W, Peak 1000W 
  • 3*120V AC outlets, 4 USB charging ports up to 6.2A, 4 12V DC power ports up to 10A, 12V 26Ah / 288WH lithium rechargeable battery, Power Source with 4 USB, 4x12V DC and 3x110V AC Outlets,a solar / car input charging port. Intelligent CPU control mode, switch control for each output, LED display for battery power
  • Emergency Power Center -- Backup UPS for desktop PC, portable power for quadrotor, Self-balanced scoorter, camera, phone and more electronic devices. [It won't charge coffee maker which is more than 500W
  • Long Back Up Time: 3 hours(PC+Display) , 96 hours (12V LED) , 55 times (for 5V mobile charger) , 8 hours (Laptop 13"),6 hours (50W Fan) , 5 hours (32" LCD TV) , 14 hours (20W energy-saving lamps). Three input charge way to the built-in battery: AC input, MC4 cord, car cigarette input charging cable
  • Compact portable lightweight,Pure Sine Wave,small size and high capacity, only 1/10 weight and 1/20 size of the similar product but with 5 times longer lifespan and 10 times capacity. Size:29*11*13.5cm (12.70in x 5.91in x 8.66in),Weight: 3.2 kgs. With hand handle for easy carrying.with 18 months warranty and 100% Customer Service


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