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Portable Generators, Inverter Generators & More

There are many times when generators are needed for non-emergencies, such as RV travel, camping, and events held in remote locations. Generators are also needed for power outages that threaten the well-being of people and businesses. Amazing Generators provides reliable electricity generators for both situations.

The selection and quality of our portable inverter generators and other models have caught the media’s attention, including NBC, CBS, ABC, Market Screener, and The Digital Journal. Learn more about our presence in the news, and the amazing generators behind it, on our Facebook page.

The knowledge required to be an authorized dealer helps us offer impeccable service. Whether you need a generator fast, or you are shopping the best option for pre-planned electricity needs, we will help you select equipment for your needs. Your purchase is protected by our 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Your Low-Cost Source

We use competitive pricing and negotiated shipping rates to bring you the lowest prices on the largest selection of portable inverter generators, portable gas generators, and other models in the U.S. Whether you need a generator for home, business, an event, or travels that take you “off the grid”, our low prices make your generator an economical purchase. You can expect a great return; our DuroMax generators and other brands are made for years of dependable use.

Power Equipment

Amazing Generators offers a select line of power equipment that can be as important as generators for residential and commercial maintenance: snowblowers, log splitters, leaf blowers, water pumps, pressure washers, lawn mowers, and small gas engines. You even have the option of using our electricity-powered equipment by plugging into our portable gas generators and other models, so you can operate the equipment wherever you transport your generator.

U.S. and Puerto Rico

In addition to supplying portable generators, portable inverter generators and other power equipment in the U.S., we serve our neighbors in Puerto Rico. Our generators have provided Puerto Ricans with thousands of hours of backup power since Hurricane Maria.

Puerto Rico has a history of strong tropical storm weather. We encourage Puerto Ricans to have backup generators in place, in case they happen to face another hurricane like Maria and are without power for a considerable period of time.

Contact Us Today

Many people are unfamiliar with the details of selecting power generators. They know why they need a generator but require assistance selecting the right equipment for their applications. We provide this assistance, helping you find low-priced portable inverter generators and other models. To order a generator, or for questions about products and services, call us at (858) 500-3616 or send us an email. We look forward to serving you!