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If you need an affordable, portable power generator, it’s hard to beat the DuroStar generator brand. DuroStar is one of the best portable generator options for home backup, job sites, RVs, and outdoor recreation. Many DuroStar models feature dual fuel technology, so you can fuel them with your choice of gas or propane. Dependable and high-powered, DuroStar generators are an excellent fit for a variety of applications.

About the Company

Along with DuroMax, DuroStar is a subsidiary of the DuroPower company. DuroMax and DuroStar offer similar products. The main difference is that DuroStar generators typically cost less, while DuroMax products tend to have more features, justifying the higher price point. Both brands are solid options. The choice ultimately comes down to what you need from a generator and your budget.

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DuroStar offers some of the best portable generator options, especially for those who need to purchase a generator on a relatively conservative budget. Whether you live in Puerto Rico and need a backup power option, or you are getting ready to hit the road in your RV, you can depend on DuroStar generators to power your electrical equipment with great reliability.

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