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DuroMax Generators

If you need portable power, you can’t go wrong with a DuroMax generator. The brand is known for its exceptional quality, as well as its affordable prices. Some DuroMax portable generator models utilize dual fuel technology, allowing them to run on both propane and gas, which makes fueling your generator highly convenient, cost-effective, and efficient.

About the Company

Along with DuroStar, DuroMax is a subsidiary of the DuroPower company. Both brands offer similar capabilities and tremendous value. The main difference between is that a DuroStar generator is generally less expensive, while a DuroMax generator typically has more robust features and a higher price point.

DuroMax is based in California, where they have continually produced innovative, affordable, portable generators since 2005. Whether you need the option to use propane or gas, or you simply appreciate a true workhorse of a generator, DuroMax products offer an array of features and specifications to meet your requirements.

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