AIMS Power PWRI150024S | 1500W Pure Sine Inverter


SKU: PWRI150024S

AIMS Power PWRI150024S | 1500 Watt 24 Volt Pure Sine Inverter



The Aims 1500 Watt Pure Sine inverter uses a D.S.P. (Digital Signal Processor) driver to safely generate a pure sine wave at a high quality 120V AC output. The PWRI150024S reacts to the high and low battery voltage changes and adapts to its output perfectly to ensure a stable 120V AC. The innovative technology of this pure sine inverter will support the usage of sensitive loads.

All DC and AC operations are automatically controlled by the D.S.P. program. The improved efficiency of this inverter ensures nominal output voltage even at low input DC voltage. Since the output voltage is 3% of the variation input voltage stable power will always be produced for your AC loads. This inverter has excellent driving power with a surge output that’s 2 times higher than the output capacity. This allows you to exceed the output for a short period of time (500 milliseconds) to power some devices with a quick startup surge.

With various protection circuits built in, the Aims PWRI150024S will automatically shut down at low voltage or in the event of a sudden change of input/output power. The inverter also shows excellent performance and reliability control during rapid environmental changes such as ambient temperature.



  • 1500W continuous power

  • 24 volt DC Input

  • Pure sine wave

  • USB Port

  • Triple ac receptacles

  • On/off switch

  • Over temperature indicator

  • Overload protection

  • Low battery voltage warning/shutdown

  • High input voltage protection with automatic shutdown

  • Over load indicator

  • Short circuit protection

  • Dual cooling fans thermally controlled

  • ac output short circuit protection

  • Instruction manual

  • Free 1 year tech support

  • 1 Year Warranty Parts and Labor