AIMS Power PICOGLF80W48V240VS | 8000W 48 VDC Pure Sine Inverter Charger ETL Listed



AIMS Power PICOGLF80W48V240VS | 8000 Watt Power Inverter Charger - 48 Vdc to 120/240 Vac ETL Listed to UL 1741


The AIMS 8000 watt 48V dc Pure Sine Inverter Charger was designed for commercial, industrial and off grid uses where a 48V dc power supply is available and 120/240V ac split phase power is needed. Capable of maintaining a 300 Percent surge for up to 20 seconds, this inverter now features an auxiliary output designed for large centrifugal pumps. The built in auto transfer switch can accept utility or generator power in order to run the built in smart battery charger. Equipped with an Auto Gen Start feature, this inverter is also able to turn on Auto Gen Start compatible generators when the batteries reach low voltage. At 48V dc this inverter is also more efficient, and will allow you to use smaller DC cables than comparable 12V or 24V systems. A 48V dc system is also beneficial for large solar arrays as it will minimize the number of solar charge controllers needed.



  • 8000 Watt low frequency inverter 110/120/220/230/240 Vac Split Phase

  • 24000 Watt surge for 20 seconds -3x surge capability

  • ETL Listed to UL 1741 Standards

  • CSA STDC 22.2 NO.107.1

  • Battery priority selector

  • AC direct connect terminal block

  • Marine coated and protected

  • Multi stage smart charger 80 Amp

  • Three cooling fans - thermal and load based

  • Remote panel available

  • 60hz or 50 hz selectable dip switch

  • 10msec typical transfer time

  • Mounting plate included

  • Selectable 25W power save mode (hibernation)

  • 8 battery charger settings

  • 4 stage battery charger

  • 2 year warranty


Inverter Output Specifications:

  • Continuous Output Power: 8000 Watts

  • Surge Rating: 24000 Watts (20 Seconds)

  • Output Waveform: Pure Sine/Same as input (Bypass Mode)

  • 100-110-120Vac / 220-230-240Vac

  • Nominal Efficiency: >88% (Peak)

  • Line Mode Efficiency: >95%

  • Output Frequency: 50Hz +/- 0.3Hz / 60Hz +/- 0.3Hz

  • Typical Transfer Time: 10ms (Max)

  • THD: < 7% under full linear load

Input Specifications:

  • Nominal input voltage: 48.0Vdc

  • Low battery alarm: 42.0Vdc-44.0Vdc

  • Low battery trip: 40.0Vdc-42.0Vdc

  • High voltage alarm: 64.0Vdc

  • Low battery voltage restart: 62.0Vdc

  • Idle consumption: 100 Watts

  • Power saver mode idle consumption: <25 Watts

  • Automatic transfer switch - 50A @ 220/230/240V

  • Bypass - 50A @ 220/230/240V

Charger Specifications:

  • Output voltage: depends on battery type

  • Charger rate: 80A

  • Four stage smart charger with current adjust dial 20-100%



  • Unit weight: 132 lbs.

  • Unit size L x W x H: 23.3 x 16.3 x 7.9 inches

  • Shipping weight: 176 lbs.

  • Shipping size L x W x H 30 x 21.25 x 15.25 inches