Champion 46596 Portable Generator Review

Champion 46596 Portable Generator Review


This Champion Power Equipment 46596 review must display the numerous features and benefits that will come with owning this generator. A portable generator may be a very good investment for people who spend time away from electricity or in places of the country where frequent storms strike. A generator will be able to provide hours of power in order to run appliances or power tools.

This Champion Power Equipment 46596 review will show that this is a durable unit that will work well on a campsite or job location. It can also be used around the home as well. Here is a closer look at this “Champion Power Equipment 46596 review.


Running Wattage


The beginning of any Champion Power Equipment 46596 review is running wattage. This amount will tell how much power will be supported while items are in use. Every appliance or tool that is plugged into the unit will need a particular wattage to run. This generator supplies 3,500 running watts of power. It will supply enough electricity to run a fair amount of appliances during a blackout or tools at a job site.

Starting Wattage


A Champion Power Equipment 46596 review must also discuss starting wattage. Every item that gets plugged into a generator requires a slightly higher amount of power upon initial start up. This is why a generator must supply more power than normal running wattage. This Champion Power Equipment 46596 review must include the fact that it has 4,000 starting watts.

Engine Horsepower


Another essential part of a Champion Power Equipment 46596 review is the engine horsepower. This product will provide 6.5 horsepower.

Fuel Tank Size


Fuel tank size is important to note in a Champion Power Equipment 46596 review. This unit has a four gallon fuel tank. For added convenience, there is a fuel gauge available for easy read. This lets a person understand how low the fuel level has become. It will make things simple when it comes to refilling.

Run Time @ 50%


It is important to discuss run time in this Champion Power Equipment 46596 review. At half load, this generator can run for 12 hours. This is a vital thing to understand when buying a generator. The longer a tank of gas lasts, the cheaper it will be to run. Also, it means that a person will be able to go a long period of time in between refueling.

Starting Method


Something to list in a “Champion Power Equipment 46596 review” is starting method. This unit contains a manual recoil pull start. This means that a small amount of effort will be needed to get the engine cranked. A positive thing to mention about a recoil start is that there is no batteries required.

Operating Noise


46596 Many people will read a Champion Power Equipment in order to uncover the operating noise. No one wants to buy a machine that will be extremely loud while in use. Luckily, this generator runs at a decibel level of 68. This is approximately the noise that is produced by a household vacuum. The positive of this sound is that it will not disturb the neighborhood or be a distraction at work.

Fuel Type


Fuel type is an essential component of a Champion Power Equipment 46596 review. Like most portable generators on the market, this unit runs on regular gasoline. The biggest advantage of this fuel is that it is readily available and can be found at any corner gas station.



It is important to list in a Champion Power Equipment 46596 review all of the outlets that are provided. This unit has:

one – 120 volt outlet
one – 120 volt twistlock receptacle
one – RV receptacle

To add bonus protection, the unit is guarded against overload. This will keep constant power supplied when it is needed the most.



Compliance is essential to understand when buying a generator. This Champion Power Equipment 46596 review must state that this unit is not CARB compliant. This means that it cannot be used or sold in the state of California.



Dimensions are a key aspect of this Champion Power Equipment 46596 review.

Length: 23 inches
Width: 18 inches
Height: 17 1/2 inches

Weight: This generator is portable and weighs just under 100 pounds. It is light enough to carry around from place to place without strain.

Additional Features


There are various features that must be mentioned in this Champion Power Equipment 46596 review. For example, the automatic shutoff is a great asset, especially when oil levels become low. This will prevent the engine from becoming damaged. The exterior is extremely durable and made from steel tube construction. For extra convenience, there is a voltmeter that monitors output as well.



Helpful accessories should always be part of a Champion Power Equipment 46596 review. One of the most popular items that a person will buy is the available wheel kit. This will make the unit even more portable. Other customers may wish to purchase other outlet adapters.




There are a great deal of positives that go along with this portable generator. It is important to discuss all of the pros in this Champion Power Equipment 46596 review. The starting wattage will reliably power small appliances and various power tools. The circuit breakers will protect the generator and anything that is connected. The two year warranty is also a pleasant bonus to add to this Champion Power Equipment 46596 review.



Along with the positives, it is important to discuss some cons that are associated with this generator. The cons to list in this Champion Power Equipment 46596 review include the fact that it is not CARB compliant and does not come with attached wheels. However, it is possible to buy the wheel kit separately.

Consumer Ratings


This Champion Power Equipment 46596 review must explain customer reviews. This generator has received 5 out of 5 stars based on four customer reviews.



To conclude this Champion Power Equipment 46596 review, it is important to recommend this unit to consumers. The solid construction, numerous safety features, and generous run time will make is a dependable source of power. It will be ideal for use at home, during emergencies, or while in an RV.

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